Tasha Hall


“I support Obama because he is black and because he is trying to help black people and others. He’s our first black president, and he’s doing his work; it’s slow, but it’s getting there and I like that.”


Dave Scott


“I support the man because of his policy. I don’t care if he’s purple, green, it doesn’t make no difference. He’s for the American people, and that’s why I’m supporting him.”


Paul Schaffer


“I support Barack not because he’s black but because we all need Barack — the city, America. He was running against Romney, and if Romney had got in there, we would have been out of there. He’s a good man and this is the first time we have a black president, and that’s good for America. We need that.”




“The first term, I voted for him because he was black, no doubt about it, but after I seen what he was trying to do when he got in office, I wanted to keep it going for another four years before the Republicans messed it up again and got the deficient back to where it shouldn’t be. He’s trying to put jobs out there; I just need him to do something for ex-offenders now. It’s time to put us in line.”


Vernard Johnson


“Well, realistically, I can tell you like this, a lot of us probably did vote for him because he’s black. He’s the first black president, which was a great thing, but I also voted for him because of his policies. I remember what he was doing for the city of Chicago before he even got into office. I knew he was not just for black people but for people period, the common people, so that’s why I voted for Barack Obama.”


Latrice Shinholder


“I supported him because he was black and because of a lot of the policies that he has in place to help as far as education and things like that. I was a college student, and I’m trying to go back to school, and I like the fact that with what he offers, we have a chance to get a higher education. I also think he has a lot of good things going for him, like family values.”

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