George Perry

“Actually, if that’s what he did, then he’s getting what he deserves. He had us all fooled thinking he was a stand-up guy. I’m not surprised because his father was a crook who just didn’t caught, so father, like son.”


Frank Hamlin


“It’s a bad thing for the kids, and I really hate that it happened. He could have done a better job than that. I am disappointed.”


Aaron Dade


“I think they deserve it because they were in a conspiracy. It all came out when [former Gov. Rob] Blagojevich was going to trial. Then Jesse gets sick and disappeared from office. I mean, he was running from something. I am not surprised, because he gave himself away when he thought of a way to get sick and run.”


Percy Buckner


“I have followed the case a little bit, and we talked a lot about it at work. I think it’s really sad for the reasons they say they are being indicted. It’s really sad for the people in the community that trusted and depended on them to see them go down for something like that.”


Anthony Hogan


“If he’s corrupt, then that’s jail time. I’m really surprised because he seemed to be on the up and up, but if he did it, then he should get time.”

Mardell King

“My honest opinion is a lot of political people should be indicated for the same things. I think it’s a race issue because I am sure Daley did a lot of the same things, and I’m sure the current mayor is doing some of the same things, but it’s a cover-your-own-butt situation, and whoever is at the bottom of the totem pole is who has to suffer.”

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