Alisha Dorsey

“A woman that I admire most in women’s history is Madame C. J. Walker because without her African-American women would not have multiple hair choices.”

Morris Webb

“Zoë Zel Dana because she represents the epitome of the woman in the future. She is a futurist actress. She’s been in Star Trek and Columbiana.”


Venice Moton


“I admire Oprah Winfrey. She is a role model. She has her own show, and she made it from the bottom up. She’s got millions, and I want to have millions just like Oprah in my own circle.”

Humberto Barajas

“The woman I most admire in history has to be Harriet Tubman. She helped a lot of slaves in the South and that freed them, and I thought that was great that she did, and she had very few resources to do it,”


Kabrina Shipp


“I admire Michele Obama because she is the first black First Lady, and she is from Chicago, and she is a great fashion icon.”

Tyrone Carr

“Rosa Parks because of the struggle that African-Americans were going through back then. She had courage to fight for African-Americans to ride in the front of the bus. She sat down, so black people can stand up.”