Have you ever seen an ‘ugly’ baby, if so, how did you respond or what did you say to the parent(s)?


Ezimma Ray

“Yes, I’ve seen plenty of ugly babies. I laughed and said, ‘Wow, that’s a pretty baby.’ I laughed because it’s so funny that they don’t know that the baby is not pretty.”

DJ Money Mike

“I have seen plenty of ugly babies, and I said something like, ‘Ohooo, that’s a nice baby you got there’ and smiled.”

Estefan Jones

“Well, I came up to the baby, and said, ‘Ohoooo, that’s such a cute little baby. What’s her name?’ I use a send off question to keep from talking about the baby’s actual looks because that’s bad karma. You’re not suppose to talk about somebody’s baby’s looks.”

Hardy Williams

“There has never been an ugly baby I have ever seen in my whole life because all God’s children are beautiful. Everything is beautiful. People be programmed about what’s beautiful, but the heart is what makes them beautiful.”

Paris Flowers

“I say, ‘Oh, that’s a gorgeous baby!’ because all babies are gorgeous to somebody.”

Ernest Wiley

“I just smiled and kept quiet. I didn’t say a word.”

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