Forty-five years after Dr. King’s “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” speech and his assassination, how do you think things have changed for African Americans? Have we reached the Promised Land?


Clem Spuill

“Things have gotten worse, because of the technological divide and the morals are practically non-existent in the black family.”

Janeen Johnson

“Not much has changed. A lot of things are the same, like racism, poverty and crime.”

Tiffany Wash

“I do think a lot has changed. I guess the question would be, was it for the positive or for the negative? I think a lot has changed on the positive side in that we have more freedom than when he was around. But as far as what we do to continue and how we appreciate it, that is worse. There is too much killing and we don’t stick together.”

Charles Spruill

“I think things have improved, but this young generation now is the big problem. The kids act like they don’t have any home training. They got mothers and daddies at home on crack and they get up in a bad environment every morning.”

Christel Williams

“We are far from the Promised Land, to be honest. I often tell people they may have torn down the projects, but we are still a project as a people. We have improved in some ways on the educational level in that our young people are moving forward, and they see the value of having an education and they are going in that direction.”

Jeff Rollins

“It’s gotten worse because of what’s going on inside of the family and inside of the schools. When you lose those two entities and the lack of disciplines inside of those entities, there goes the foundation of your society.”

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