Will your children or someone you know be affected by the proposed school closings? What are your thoughts or concerns?


Jada James


“No, I’m not going to a school that’s closing, but my god-sister is. I’m worried because I think they might not be safe going into another community.”


Isis James


“I don’t attend any of the schools that are being closed, but my god-sister does. I don’t think they should close down the schools because the kids will have to adjust to another learning system, and that will be kind of hard and unfair.”


Cornisa Williams


“I don’t have kids in any of the schools that are closing. But my elementary school that I attended is one of the proposed schools that are closing, and it’s been in the community for 80 years. My parents went to the school; most of my family went, so I think that’s really sad. They need to do something because it’s very dangerous in the city, and children having to travel through the different neighborhoods — I don’t think it will be safe.”


Teshima Williams


“Yes, and I am very concerned for my kids because it is so dangerous in the streets. Transportation is so expensive and the state is not helping out. My children will have to wait on a bus and spend 40 minutes traveling to school, and that’s ridiculous and unsafe.”


Shawanda Kilgo


“I think it’s sad. If the mayor is not going to provide transportation — as far as school buses for these children to get back and forth to other schools — then what are the parents suppose to do? I had to take public transportation to get back and forth to school and my parents struggled to come up with that money. I think they should add something to our community instead of taking something away.”


Tanisha Smith


“We have daycare kids that go to Chicago Public Schools. And with them moving to a new school, it’s more travel time, and parents will have to find a way to get the kids to and from the daycare. The daycare doesn’t provide transportation and the school doesn’t provide transportation, so kids will be shifted around.”

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