There’s been a change in the weather; there’s been a change in me!

I generally do not like making small talk about the weather, but this month’s weather has had more than its share of surprises. We’ve had a cold front, unseasonable warmth, torrential rain, slushy snow, and abundant hail, Oh, and yes, it is still April. The good thing about Chicago’s weather is, if you don’t like it, wait a few seconds, and it will change. Wouldn’t it be great if other situations could change like that? For example, if you don’t like your boss, then one thought and ‘boom,’ you’ve got a better job doing something you really love at double the salary! You don’t like your apartment or car, then ‘bam,’ you get a new home with twice the square footage and that little put put is exchanged for a cute little two-seater red convertible.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. If we don’t like something, then we have to work to change it. If we don’t like our boss or our job, then it might mean getting additional education and or training so that you can make the move into a career you love. If you don’t like your house or apartment, then it might mean launching a housing search and begin packing the years of accumulated stuff so that once you have found your new and ideal abode, you can make that move expeditiously. The moral of this blog is, the only thing you can count on to change without your input is the weather.

Something to think on:

“Change starts when you make up your mind you want things to be different. You have to take the lead and become the change agent for your improved life.”