Courtesy Roxanne Saylor

V-SPANN, an organization focused on establishing a centralized communications network for military veterans, families, and interested civilians asked Ms. Soodek to add business startup boot camps to its lineup of programs.

“We urgently wanted to help vets return to civilian life with a plan for self-reliance and financial security. But, we also wanted to make sure we didn’t give a dog and pony show. So we asked Coco to bring her business boot camps to our V-SPANN community. Not only does she put on a great show, but it’s a life changing day.”

The boot camps train people on starting and running businesses and understanding legal obligations. “I’m so honored that V-SPANN asked me to conduct a boot camp for their community,” said Soodek. “I can’t think of a better way to honor vets who protected our American dream than by helping them realize their own.”

SOLDIER TO CEO will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at Robert Morris College, who, along with the Institute for Clinical Social Work and Regus, will co-sponsor the event. To sign up or get more information, please visit

Robert Morris University has numerous programs for veterans, including benefits to close the gap between GI Bill allotments and tuition for qualifying veterans. The Institute for Clinical Social Work offers special programs for veterans’ mental health care. A global organization located in over 600 cities, Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces.

Here is a portion of what will be covered:
%u25CF How and why you should set up your company
%u25CF What rights you get as an owner
%u25CF What you have to share with the other owners of your business
%u25CF Your options for getting seed and expansion money
%u25CF What taxes you have to pay
%u25CF What you need to know before you hire helpers
%u25CF The 3 types of risks pointed directly at you and 3 tools to manage that risk
%u25CF How to price, sell, or grow your business

In addition to Ms. Soodek, there are a number of featured presenters. Sean Moffett, a national leader in sales and social media, will present “Why Sales are Like Counterinsurgency.” Joshua Gutstein, Senior Financial Analyst at the Chicago MBDA Business Center, will present “Where Money Hides,” to help the participants find funding. Daniel Goss, National Director of Product Strategy at Violight, will present “Making Products That People Want to Buy.”

All participants will receive a free copy of Coco Soodek’s book, Birth to Buyout: Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business.