Surrendering over to your Destiny is not a job or a chore. It is the,” must thing” to do when you are ready to serve your purpose. It may not be the easy path but it will be the right one. Surrendering over to your Destiny means, giving into that which is greater then you. Giving into Life.  Personally, I am a Spiritual Life Coach/Healer.  It is my Destiny to support others in their healing process. It isn’t the way I create finances but it is my Destiny.  Surrendering over into your Destiny may not be the most attractive looking thing to do, but it will be the most rewarding.  Are you willing to be available, present and give into that which is calling you?

For me it is a continuous process, I must engage in. I have to make the few minutes each day to allow the process of surrender to penetrate my soul which allows me to step out of my egotistical ways and allows me to fall into God.  To step out of the way and surrender you must use self discipline, perseverance and self-love.

I know for me right now, Life is calling me in a direction I would have never thought. But when I was willing to give in and let go (surrender), an unforeseen way was made to fulfill that which Life was calling me to do.

If you don’t know your destiny; take time to sit quietly, relax, breathe deep and allow the silence to guide you. There is no current road map to your destiny but there is the belief we all have one. So why not go to your quiet space or create a quiet space and ask for direction but first don’t forget to surrender over to Thy Will, not mine. Let Life work on your behalf. Let Life guide you to the place where you will be the most fulfilled, your Destiny.

Sometimes our Destiny’s are greater than what we can see. Maybe they are less than what we want, but they are always in alignment with what your calling is and what God has for you.  Can we let go and surrender into them, or will we fight to be something or someone we’re not.

Today, I choose to surrender into all that God has for me. I allow my Destiny to be in alignment with God’s will not mine. I am destined to be or become_________________. You fill in the blank. Make the time to create a quiet place where you can hear and fulfill your Destiny by listening to what Life has to say.

Please feel free to write your destiny after your quiet time on the blog. I will hold the vision with you. You are also welcome to add additional positive comments to support yourself and others.

Ollie, the “Metaphysical Millionaire.”

Writing inspired by Dawn Ferencak

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