Kevin Appling

“I tell them I’m about to use the washroom right quick, then get off the phone and never call them back.”

Mya Freeman

“I say, ‘hold on; I have to call you back. My mama is on the other line.’ Then I hang up and don’t call them back.”

Nakia Glover

“I tell them I have another call coming in on the other end. Then I tell them I’ll call them back, and I never do.”

Cordero Gwala

“Normally, when that happens to me, what I tend to do is talk about their mamas. You know, insult them a little bit. I’d say, ‘your mama use to be a man,’ click, and I hang up.”

Lynn Kinsey

“I tell them it’s an emergency, and that I have to go real bad. If they keep talking, I just hang up and say, hey, I got to go.”

Marshay Ellis

“The first thing you can do if they are constantly holding a conversation, you can at least tell them someone is on the other end or there is an important phone call on the other end, and if they are still talking and won’t shut up, I’d just hang up. I’m a rude person; I’d just hang up and wouldn’t tell them nothing else.”