Bethel New Life’s Amberg Hall, 1140 N. Lamon Ave.

Delores Humphrey
“I found out through a piece of literature that came to my job. Most of what I heard, I already knew, but it was good to listen and refresh my skills. I am glad I came. It was really good.”

Christiana Burns
“I found out because my boss at Chairman’s Daycare let me know, and I enjoyed the program. I learned a different way to teach the kids and different ideas that I will go back and share with my co-workers. I am so glad I came.”

Ida King
“I found out by reading the Austin Weekly News, and I told my boss and everybody else about it so we could sign up and attend the training. I learned about social-emotional learning and how to talk to the kids about their feelings, and how to understand them better. I wanted to see what I could possibly learn and take back to implement in the learning program.”

Jimmy Ramos
“I’m a volunteer with Jumpstart. I thought it was really informational. I learned a lot about what teachers have to do from the perspective of the students. I now understand how much it takes just to be teacher, and there is a lot of emotion behind it and responsibility that goes on outside of the classroom — that little things teachers do, like saying hello and the child’s name, can make a difference. I am glad I’m here.”

Cynthia Moore
“I found out through an email sent to me from my CPS educational coach. I teach Head Start and our foundation is social-emotional. I know a lot about it, but I wanted to learn how to maximize it in my classroom. I am so excited to take it back to Principal Wilson so the whole building can maximize it. I am so glad I came.”

Tiara Collum
“The director of our program, St. Joseph’s Services, requested eight of us to come to this training, and I really enjoyed it. The thing I basically learned is the difference between self-management and self-awareness. It enlightened me on how to react with my students. Sometimes they don’t know or they aren’t aware because their social-emotional development might not have started at home. I am so glad I came.”