Fonisha Pitchford
“To be honest, I’m just thankful for family and friends, and, more importantly, I am thankful for life everyday. I plan to spend my Thanksgiving Day with some very close friends and family members. I’m going to cook.”

Otis Brour
“I’m thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for God letting me spend another year on Earth. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family in Maywood, not doing much, but watching the females of my family cook dinner and watching TV.”

Willie Jackson
“I’m going to spend it with my family. I’m so grateful for having my family alive. I’m real, real grateful to God. My wife and sisters are cooking. My aunts are making cakes. We’re just going to eat up something; at least 20 people will be there.”

Gregory Mallinger
“I’m not sure how I am going to spend the holiday; hopefully with my adult children. I just did 20 years. I’ve been out five months, and I’m grateful to be on the streets. The first one (Thanksgiving) since 1992 — I’m going everywhere to eat.”

Chynna Jones
“I’m thankful for my family. I have to work, but I’m going to Bolingbrook afterwards to my grandmother’s, so I plan on getting stuffed. There will be a lot of people there, a lot of cousins. I’m going to be at work, so I am not going to help cook. I’m just going to eat. I lost my father in July, and last year, I helped him cook at my aunt’s, so I don’t plan on doing anything this year but eat. I am thankful I can go to my grandmother’s house and just eat.”

Chris Sherrod
“I’m going to get real high with my family and eat some really good food. I am thankful for my family, waking up this morning, everybody being healthy, and living.