The Austin Weekly News’ West Side Business Network has started several Event Planning Committees in order to support the Network’s mission of bringing professionals together to make connections and improve our community. 

Increase your business references while having fun! Joining an event planning committee will be an educational experience to add to your repertoire, plus you’ll be providing the public with access to much needed resources. Let your business expertise benefit the communities you love!

Event Planning Committees available to join:

Social Event Committee – Organizes networking events for the West Side Business Network with the goal of providing a fun, relaxed environment to make community connections.

Fundraising Committee for AWN Community Outreach & Journalism – plans small and large fundraising events to support our community outreach and journalism efforts. May include a Fall Fashion Show.

Education Committee  focused on planning and volunteering at the 2014 West Side Education Fair, an annual resource fair sponsored by Austin Weekly News.

The Mental Health Committee – puts on events that increase community awareness of resources available to those with a mental illness.

Women’s Health Committee – hosts events that make the community aware of health resources available to women.

Men’s Health Awareness  Committee – organizes events on with the goal of making the community aware of health resources available to men.

Women’s Leadership & Development Committee – plans events that focus on positively influence the female community through empowerment.

West Side Manufacturing Network & Event Planning Committee – The goal of this new networking group for professionals in the manufacturing, production and distribution industry is to facilitate connections throughout the Chicagoland area. 

We are also seeking event sponsors, as well as those interested in speaking at future events. This is your chance to gain exposure for your business and services! Consider donating event space, being a panelist at a community forum, pledging a raffle prize, serving as a consultant on a specific aspect of event planning, making a nominal contribution, or offering your own ideas. Supporters can benefit from inclusion in event marketing through Austin Weekly News’ print and online components, social media, on event-day, in emails to hundreds of WSBN members, and more.

To be involved in any of the WSBN Event Planning Committees and for more information, click here.