Joanna Sobran and Michael Dugan, Founders of MXOtech, join leading technology experts to co-write, “The Business
Owner’s Essential Guide To IT and All Things Digital: 22 Critical Facts Every Business Must Know To Maximize Their
Company’s Efficiency, Security, Employee Productivity And Profits,” just recently released in May 2014 by
Celebrity Press™, a leading business book publisher.

With businesses of all sizes becoming more dependent on IT to operate, service their clients, communicate and market, CEOs must take a much more strategic approach to technology to stay competitive – and safe. That’s why Joanna Sobran and Michael Dugan, Founders of MXOtech, have joined a select group of North America’s leading IT experts to co-write the forthcoming book, The Business Owner’s Essential Guide To IT And All Things Digital: 22 Critical Facts Every Business Must Know To Maximize Their Company’s Efficiency, Security, Employee Productivity And Profits.

Joanna Sobran is the President/CEO and Michael Dugan is the Chief Technology Officer of MXOtech, based in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. For more than 8 years, MXOtech has specialized in providing IT consulting services with a focus on Custom Software Development and Managed IT Services. It is through Joanna and Michael’s unique way of approaching business challenges, particularly in the healthcare industry from a compliance and security standpoint, which has contributed to much of their success, and one of the reasons they were asked to participate in the upcoming book.

While the book focuses on various topics within IT and all things digital, Joanna and Michael’s specific chapter is titled “The Perfect Fit: Choosing The Right Line of Business Application to Enhance Your Company.” The chapter will focus on how customized digital technology can really give you a cutting edge advantage to stand out from your competitors.

According to Joanna and Michael, “Your digital assets should be treated as a valued employee and cherished and
cultivated as such. This ’employee’ will never quit, show up late, or make mistakes. Keep them growing and investing in them just as you do with those who work for you.”

Joanna Sobran and Michael Dugan launched MXOtech in August of 2005. Their vision for MXOtech grew from Joanna
and Michael’s collective experience in the technology and healthcare industries. Their practical business approach
combined with their hands-on experience and wide knowledge in the software development and managed IT services field became the solid foundation to build their own successful business. They share a passion for taking ideas and turning them into applications and solutions that fuel growth. Some of MXO’s healthcare applications have been nominated for Innovation Awards and adopted by Fortune 1000 companies to be utilized on an enterprise-wide level.

The authors of The Business Owner’s Essential Guide To IT And All Things Digital, have extensive experience and
background related to how the epic changes that in today’s digital world have affected each of us, and more specifically, how these changes have moved us to a higher level of specialization and efficiency, while at the same time allowing us a laser-focus on our activities. Joanna and Michael, as well as their 21 co-authors, are some of the top minds within the IT industry, all of whom are currently serving small to midsize businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“I’m very excited and thrilled to once again be working with my fellow IT expert authors on this upcoming project, which is designed to educate today’s entrepreneurs on how to avoid the many pitfalls and challenges that can often provide obstacles on to growing your business and overall revenues,” Joanna said. “It is my hope, through our more than 20 years of experience in business, that we can pass on some of our tips and best practices to help anyone that is currently a small business owner.”

The royalties from this project will be given to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, a not-for-profit organization, internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with pediatric cancer.

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About Joanna Sobran
Joanna is the President/CEO & Co-Founder of MXOtech. Joanna is focused on delivering a high-level customer
experience with innovation. She is passionate about helping her clients grow their businesses. Whether it’s through using better technology solutions, improving operations or education, she treasures her clients and truly cares about their success.

Joanna is the decision maker and steering wheel of MXOtech. She focuses on vision, product development, marketing and strategy. Joanna knows how important the human factor is for the success of a company, therefore she hand picks everyone on her team to bring the best products and services to her clients.

About Michael Dugan
Michael Dugan is the CTO & Co-Founder of MXOtech. Michael’s passion lies in bringing his clients’ visions to life. His
creativity and knack for planning, developing and implementation of value-rich solutions consistently surpass client
expectations. Michael serves as the catalyst of business growth and profitability for many of MXOtech’s clients.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Michael leads both technical teams and manages all application development
projects and infrastructure cloud solutions for MXOtech. He focuses on fostering a holistic approach to product
development to reach a common goal and delivering the best possible solutions for his clients.

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