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Fatima Rauf

“I don’t remember any movie that she did, but my favorite poem is Still I Rise. I think she was a legend, an example of a Phenomenal Woman, and I will miss her, but her legacy will live on forever.” 

Marilyn Pitchford

“I first heard about it on Facebook, and I thought this can’t be true. Then I saw it on the news. I thought about all she has gone through, and I thought God called her home. The poem that I loved that sticks with me is Phenomenal Woman. She has left a mark on a lot of young women. Back in the ’80s I went to Marshall High School and Oprah Winfrey came there and recited the poem Phenomenal Woman. It means so much to me. I just mark myself and carry myself with that. That’s what I am going to remember her by.” 

Brenda Colon

“When I heard she passed away, I didn’t believe it. I heard a day before that she was sick and to pray for her. The very next day she died, and I thought, really? Another great person has died. My favorite poem is Phenomenal Woman. It gives you goose bumps when you hear her recite it. We lost another really great person.” 

Cindy Bojorquez

“I actually remember her when she was having an interview with Oprah Winfrey She  (Oprah) did a big biography on her. She (Maya) just spoke from the heart and spoke what she thought. She was a great inspiration to all.”

Stan D

“She was such an incredible woman of color. She was a great humanitarian, civil rights activist and writer. Most of all, she said her greatest passion was to teach others about how to create peace in their lives, and to stay on the right track of being positive and sharing whatever attribute they have to refine it and share it with their family.” 

Cora Elumn

“I just really admired her because she over came so much. I understood what happened to her early in life and she didn’t speak for a longtime, but afterwards she’s just wonderful. I just love all of her poems, especially I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. I just love that.”

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