Austin Community Laundromat – Central and Madison

Tamia Coleman

“You are the best dad (Thomas Coleman). He is nice. He takes me places. The best fun we had was when he took me to his son’s birthday party.  I love you Dad — Happy Father’s Day. 

Vontrell Collins

“Happy Father’s Day, grandpa (Willie Daniels). I like riding my bike with him and eating popcorn and eating carrots. We like eating vegetables, and we like going outside.”

Tanya Chatman

“He (James Hester) is a man with integrity. He is all about his family.  Going to work, coming home seeing to us doing our household chores; making sure we had what we needed and we were involved in activities. He is a wonderful grandfather too. The grandkids love him, and the other kids on the block look up to him. He’s a role model.”

Tahrell Bernard

“I want to say Happy Father’s Day to my grandpa. I play games with him and have fun.  I watch T.V. with him. I eat ravioli and spaghetti with him that he makes. I Love You grandpa.  

Kennedy Finner

“Happy Father’s Day dad (Jonathan Finner). I love you when you do things for me and take me places. The most fun I had with him is when we went out to Old Country Buffet to eat. He’s my best friend and a great dad.”