Juneteenth Festival on Chicago Avenue  

Mac Strong

“The most fun I’ve ever had was me and my best friend in getting out here and testifying about the goodness of Jesus Christ, and sharing our testimony with them throughout Chicago. My plan for this summer is just increasing; telling our story and saving souls for our lord and the kingdom.” 

James Lucius

“We went out to Great America in 1989 and just rode everything and just had a ball. My best friend’s name is James Davis.” 

Michelle Beckworth

“Me and my best friend went on a cruise to Cozumel; we took our children. We both have sons and I took my nephew. This year, just going to Navy Pier and enjoy all the sites of Chicago.” 

Charles Perry

“When we would be riding our bikes. We use to make ramps with a milk crate and a piece of wood. We’d pretend we were jumping over the Grand Canyon — we were pretending to be Evel Knievel. That was about 40 or 42 years ago.”

Larry Chandler

“Going downtown to Navy Pier and just walking around, eating a pretzel and having fun.”


Javaris Lucius

“I rode my electric scooter last time, and then I went to summer camp and I played. I went swimming and I played dodge ball. My best friend is Denaisha. This summer we are going to summer camp and make new friends.

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