P.J. Johnson:

“I think we need to have an increase for most of us that are getting the link card and going to work everyday. I get paid $8.50 and that’s not enough. It should be more than $10; $15 will be lovely.” 

Janae Stockdale:

“Actually, I don’t know how much it should be, but I do agree with them trying to get an increase. Some of these jobs are not worth $8.50 or $8.25. They’re worth more.”  

Erick Gills:

 “I think the minimum wage should be over $8.25. It should be over $10, especially with the economy in Chicago. You can’t survive with $8.25.” 


“I support it because when you look at the way the economy is going right now without jobs, it is not moving forward. These jobs should be paying more. Hopefully, the private sector will step up and hire more people (at an affordable wage).” 

Carolyn Cogshell: 

“Actually, the cost of living is so great now; the bills continue to go up but the money continues to stay as is, so I feel like people should make more. Thank God, I make a little bit more, but others should be making the same. On that note, God bless everybody. And, I support everybody too.” 


“I think it’s amazing. What is it right now, $8.50? I get paid minimum wage, and as a single parent trying to support your children on minimum way, it’s not enough, especially living in Chicago. I feel that if you (businesses) have it, then you should give up a little bit more and pay more.”

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