James Deanes

Yes, my dad was a great person, pretty much the example of a lifetime. Someone who showed he cared through thoughtful action. He was a real community organizer, in the true sense way before that title was given to Barack Obama. He knew no strangers. The second time he spoke to you, you were his friend. And he made a mean fruit salad. 

Love you dad. 

James Deanes Jr.  

During my time as a CPS principal, I greatly enjoyed working with James Deanes on a number of occasions. I would like to express my sympathies to his family.  

Gary Moriello 

Very sad to hear that James Deanes, one of my longtime legendary educational activist friends of over 35 years, died. It really breaks my heart when I think, now, that he had to die looking at how the most historic educational legislative victories he helped to anchor have all but been erased from history. He is much more than a retired CPS official, but a man of historic history. God bless his life and legacy. 

Mark Allen  

You read an obituary and suddenly you realize a great man that you did not know is gone. I never met Mr. Deanes, but I know that he was a man I would have been proud to call a friend.

John Murtagh 

Oak Park