As many of us have felt rejection in our lives through family, friends, collegues it can be painful and emotionally draining.  What I have learned in recent years is that when I step back and ask, Is Rejection God’s Protection? Almost One hundred percent of the time the answer is YES.  When people critic you in a negative way, criticize you out of their own fears and belief around your personal success it is usually a reflection of who they are. It isn’t about you. It is God showing you who they are, what they are about. Not all criticism is meant as negative but most isn’t constructive. I have had personal rejection occur by the closest of family, friends and working associates. Rejection from others made me look at where I was in my life. Rejection made me do my own check in with myself. It made me look to see if I was where I was supposed to be. In that sense God was allowing me to self assess which can be a good thing. I am also aware that when others reject you it can be based on their of judgment of your life.  I have learned it is the greatest protection of all. If someone is rejecting you ask yourself what God is trying to show you? Sometimes we need to let go of others so we can get fully present for ourselves. If others are not out for your best interest re-evaluate the meaning of that relationship and move forward. It isnt easy getting slammed by another in anyway but you have to rememebr most of the time, “Rejection is God’s Protection.”

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