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Leo McCord

“With respect to what has been displayed at this point, it seems as if it may be conspiratorial.  We’ve never had a situation like this with any other president at any other time, and why is it that when we have our first African-American president we have these issues? We had issues in South America with the Secret Service partying. We have people entering the White House. There needs to be some house-cleaning. The entire place needs to be sanitized.”


John Watson

“They need to fire a bunch of them SOBs; all of them, from top to bottom.”


Lillie Walker

“They should be fired because they are trying to make him look real bad before he goes out of office, but that’s not going to happen because God is not going to allow that.”


Demetrius Payne

“Yes, they need to be fired. They need to clean house from top to bottom. They are supposed to be protecting our president. I think it is a conspiracy. They are just turning their backs and not doing what they are supposed to be doing to protect him.”


Richard Thomas

“I don’t think they should be fired because it comes from the top down. I think they should be retrained. They don’t know what to do; they need more practice.”


Evalina Turner

“I believe the security needs to be overhauled because if something happens to him (Obama) where would we be? What would happen? They don’t care. If they did care, like the other presidents, they would watch his back and make sure everything runs smoothly, like when Bush was in the White House. They need to be retrained.”

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