Contributing Reporter

Conan Little

“Staying out late and going to work high.”


Joe Owens

 “Getting high, because it led to a lot of tragedy in my life, like going to the penitentiary. But, by the faith being changed now, I’m a working man and productive citizen.” 


Johnnie Scott

“Drinking, drugging and gambling. It wasn’t good for me.”


Martin Hopkins

“Being stubborn and not listening to my parents when they were telling me what’s right. If I had listened to them, everything would have been fine.”


Vivian Frazier

“Wait until I got 21 to have kids. I have two children, a boy and a girl.  It’s been a good experience. They are good children, and I have grandchildren now, two boys and two girls.”


Ronald Hopkins

 “Maintained my first job so I could have retired earlier. You know when you are in your youth, you jump around jobs a lot, and when you’re older, you say I should have stayed on that job. Now, I wouldn’t be 62 and not knowing when I can retire.” 

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