Charis Goodman

“As Christians, we do get into the ugly scary side of Halloween.  My son doesn’t dress up because he doesn’t like to.  We go to things like Boo at the Zoo, but we avoid the scary activities.  We don’t let him get involved with violence, guns, blood, or anything we wouldn’t let him watch on television.”

Jasmine Jones

Yes, we celebrate Halloween, but not the scary, demonic side of it. I think Halloween is about make believe and fantasy for the children.  It’s a chance for them to be their favorite cartoon character or movie star. I take my girls out trick-a-treating.  They like dressing up as the Disney princesses, so they are always beautiful and never scary.” 

Margi Dade

“I love Halloween.  I go out trick-a-treating every year with my little cousins, and then I go out later with my friends.  We usually dress up cute like Divas and take pillowcases to collect our candy.  What I like about Halloween is that it’s a chance to be something you’re not and to have fun.”

Vickie Casanova

“When my children were little, we celebrated Halloween.  They dressed up as super heroes and nice characters.  Now, I am concerned about my students because times are so different.  There are so many safety concerns now.  I thin the best way to celebrate is at a private party or within a group setting.”

James Carpenter

“I think Halloween is supposed to be fun for everyone.  The kids get to dress up and get candy.  What can be better than that?   If I could, I’d still go out trick-a-treating.  For me it is the start of the holiday season, and it gets me ready for the Christmas fun.”

Paris Dorsey

“I think Halloween is fine if you talk to your children about the fun of it and remind them how important it is to be safe.  My boys are grown now, and we did go out when they were younger.  I usually made their costumes and we would go out and get our candy, and we would get back home so we could pass out candy.”