Margi Dade

Alex Lofton 

“The change I made that I am still carrying out in this year is owning what I do. Making my changes stick.  Change is good, but change is not always easy.  I just try to stick to my change and work it out and not to be afraid of the change.”

Marlo Brown

“In 2014, I decided to help the homeless. I created a drug program for the homeless or anybody needing help. I open doors for felons to get ID’s and things that will help them better their lives. It bettered my life as well.  I’d like to continue that in 2015.”

Anthony Saunders

“Well, I made the change to stay fit physically, so I’d say to just continue to stay fit and exercise more and more everyday.”

Brandon Griggs

“To stop smoking, and it’s going very well because I couldn’t stop, and then I said it’s just time for a change. I got tired of it, so I gave it up.  It’s been about a year now because I stopped about a week before the New Year.”

Cloceal Holmes

“Well, right now I am working. I had wanted to work for several years and I finally found the perfect job for me.  It’s in telemarketing out in Buffalo Grove, so I’m going to continue doing that.” 

Margi Dade

“To work harder in college, so I can get into medical school and become a pediatrician.”