Charlean Cirton

Leo Swan

“For one, they should stop harassment of the young brothers and put more police out in Austin that can communicate with the younger generations without harassing them. They can put more programs and something that will create jobs like fixing the pot holes, repairing abandon buildings, and creating a facility where young brothers can come and learn a trade.”

Richard Turner

“To give the young people jobs and get them off the streets.  Get them jobs and that will stop a lot of crime.”

Kent Brown

“I would ask them why did the current mayor closed all those grammar schools and move the kids to a different school?  Would they reopen the schools for them; the same ones that was in the neighborhoods? 

Robert Harris

“The first thing I would want to know is what are they going to do about these schools that are closed? I see some just sitting there wasting. They can turn them into something; it doesn’t just have to be a school. It could be something like an alternative trade shop or a little store.   It will give the kids something to do besides just running around here, standing on the corners, and trying to sell drugs.” 

Leo Brown

“What are they going to do about the gun violence around here? Every other day some teen is being shot and killed.  I think they should not only put more police out here, but the right police out here.  They got some police out here that’s scared for their life as well.  They have bullet proof vests, don’t they?”

Charlean Cirton

“I would like to know how they are going to keep the crime down.  They can do it by putting more police on the streets.”

One reply on “As an Austin or West side Chicago resident, what question would you like to ask the mayoral candidates in terms of what they will do, or what you want them to do for Austin and the West Side?”