Charles Howard

Timothy Minniefield

“No I wasn’t surprised at all; not really, because of the things he’s got going. He’s got some positive things, but there are a lot of negative things, too. So I wasn’t surprised. But neither am I convinced on Chuy. If I have to choose between Rahm and Chuy, I might go back to Rahm to give him another chance and see if he can make things better. Other than that, I don’t know where I can look for it.”

Charles Swan

“Yes, because it would make a difference in our community to just show a difference between our community and our supporters. What we need is someone who will just do us right. I hate to say this, but I think I am going to support Emanuel, not that he’s bad, but it’s the experience and the knowledge. It’s about what you do and how you do it.”

Mallory Hardy

“No, I was not surprised, just because of the things he promised and didn’t do, and the other problems that everybody else is having with the meters and stuff. I am going to support Chuy and give him a chance. It’s always good to try something new; you never know.”  

Charissie Langston

“I think Chuy is for everybody, and Emanuel is just for his folks up on the North Side. I was not surprised Rahm didn’t win, because he hasn’t done anything for the black folks; just for the white folks.”

Sarah Davenport

“Yes, I was surprised because I thought Rahm would win. I didn’t think we’d have someone else to go against him again. I am going to support Rahm in the run off because I like him. I just like what he has been doing rather than have someone else come in and mess it up.”

Charles Howard

“No, I was not surprised, because of what Rahm has been doing by running the city is kind of low. I don’t think I will be supporting Chuy in the run off. I might vote for Emanuel. He might do better this time.”


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