The dumbing down of America is a two-lane highway moving in opposite directions for the same purpose.  For black Americans, it is defined by the constant and successful attempts and efforts to keep black children from getting an education while their parents are constantly bombarded with “scare” tactics so as to not think even if they wanted to.

What those black children do get, though, is a miseducation that prepares them for nothing to go along with the similar expectations that this society has for their future. For white Americans who have been educated at the best schools, the plans are still identical:

Take bright students and convince them to not think. Dumb them down with conferences on white privilege or ask a Black Lives Matter activist to be a guest lecturer at Yale University as that activist professes that looting is a legitimate tactic of political protest!

We are 15 years into the 21st Century and the only increase that the Black community seems to be making is in the number of people murdered on a daily basis. Black leadership had a million men travel to Washington spending well over $50 million in the process while there isn’t a single large grocery store owned by black people in this entire city. Where are the calls for black people to reopen those old Dominick locations as food stores to provide jobs and food to residents of the South Side of Chicago?

As a people, we love to meet as long as there isn’t any real work to be done as a part of those meetings. We have mega churches with no corresponding mega malls or markets.  It is a great idea to call for a boycott of spending at Christmas, but what about all the other days? There are a plethora of businesses on a daily basis located in the black community that are ripping off those who can least afford to be the victim of such actions.

Where is the condemnation of his fellow Muslim brother like Ali Al Najjar, owner of Uptown

Grocery, 4024 W. Madison, who is accused of trafficking in stolen merchandise and LINK Card fraud? We can add his name to a never-ending list of folks of his ilk who were also involved in the same scheme. 

Why just this past February, we reported a similar story concerning the owner of Super Jim at the corner of Laramie and Division — Jamal Khoury out of Oak Park was indicted on similar charges. But the abuse isn’t limited to a single ethnic/religious group. We had Syreeta Houston, owner of Triple C Grocery and Deli at 4948 W. Chicago, indicted for the same thing as well.

The call was made for “Justice or Else.”  For the past week, many people have been lamenting on social media because the Million Man March II was ignored by mainstream media. Yet where are the radio/television stations owned by black people to report on our news?  Bob Johnson sold BET to Viacom and now our entertainment is again controlled by those who want it to be a certain way.  Truthfully, I am anxious to see what the “or else” will bring seeing that the “dumbing down” has yet to produce any real efforts for the first part.