Karin K.

“I am thankful to be able to be with my children.  We have had a rough time this year, and now we can just enjoy each other and be happy.”

Margie Dade

“I am thankful that I finally found a job, so I can save money and go back to school.   I had to take the semester off because I didn’t want to take out another student loan.”


“I am thankful for playing on the basketball team at Austin Town Hall, and playing football.  My position is point guard. We are going to win the championships this year.”


“Having a good family, having good supportive friends and playing on the football team.  I play quarterback and we are winning.”

Alexis Bobo

“I am grateful that my mom is well, and I will be able to enjoy her fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.” 

James Carpenter

“I am grateful that I am going to get to see my father’s people in Jackson, Mississippi.  I am going for a funeral, but it will be good to see the rest of my family I have not seen in years.”