Sy Bounds

 “Back in the late 70’s, I chased my runaway horse in my pick-up truck through the streets of downtown Downers Grove.  I had accidently left the barn door opened, and the horse  got out and took off running.  I jumped in my truck and started chasing him.  I almost caught him, but before I caught up with him, a neighbor got him to stop  running and brought him back to the barn.” 

Mike Dorsey

“I participated in a drum line competition when I was in high school. I didn’t win, but I attracted the attention of a lot of girls.” 

Yolanda Rush

“I wore a red wig to work because I didn’t have time to wash and press my hair.  Everyone was surprised, but they didn’t dare ask me why I was wearing the wig.”

Bessie Williams

“I won more than a $1000 at the casino and instead of leaving with my winnings, I played and lost it all back plus several hundred of my dollars I had promised I would not use.”

Valerie Jackson

“I opened a restaurant and an elementary school during the same year, plus I continued to work my regular job as a mental health therapist.   After a few months, I was so tired, I had to closed the restaurant. I eventually closed the school too.”

Antoine Sharp

“I auditioned for a Broadway musical and a role in Empire during the same week. I didn’t get either one, but I did get a call back for the musical.”