James Carpenter

“No, I don’t.  Let this be a race for all people.  Let him go and see who’s going to pull it off at the end.  It’s not over yet.”

Margaret Leach
“Yes, I do.  Hilary has been in office before; her husband was the President.  She’s been a senator and Barack’s secretary of state.   She has knowledge. She’s strong and she knows what’s she is doing.”

Mr. Richardson

“He should have been out.  He can’t catch up with the delegates.  He can’t win now.  He’s just in it for the fun, so let her go ahead now.”

Marie Payne

“Yes because it’s time for it.  He has gone long enough. Everybody else has dropped out, so why are you hanging in there? Go on and help her.”

Betty Thomas

“I truly think he should drop out because he is not qualified.  Free college?  It’s not going to happen.  He should step down and let Hilary go against Donald Trump.” 


“No, I think he should go ahead and move forward.  He’s been around awhile, and I remember seeing him marching with Dr. King back in the Civil Rights Area.  It’s a possibility he could win; you never know because this is going to be a very tight race.”