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Please tune into the weekly Fathers Who Care television show on CAN TV 21.

Date:  January 26, 2017

Time:  7:00 until 7:30 pm

Hosted by:

Minister Walter Amir Jones, Jr., Director of Fathers Who Care and the West Side Community Stakeholders

Special Guest: Ms. Miki Grace, Youth Leader

Where:  Channel 21 or Streaming Live on

Live call in number: 312-738-1060

Topics: How to Restore Faith and Hope Back into our People and Community in 2017

How to Promote a Safe and Drug-Free Community

How to Create Social and Environmental Changes

How to Develop Love Over Hate

What is Crisis Intervention and How Should We Address Trauma in Our Community

Youth Speak Out on the State of the Nation, Violence and Their Thoughts for the Future

How Can Team Work Make the Dream Work

For additional information, contact Fathers Who Care at 773-287-5821 or