Every Friday at 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm July thru Sept.

8/18/17 – Back to School Celebration & Giveaway

Clark Park, 4615 W. Jackson

8/25/17 – West Garfi eld Park Green & Clean

Kostner and Congress

9/1/17 – Community Pride Night

3854 W. Van Buren (Vacant Lot)

9/8/17 – WGP Unity in the Community (Gospel Fest)

4301 W. Washington

9/15/17 – Recruiting Big Brothers & Big Sisters Event for Peace in West Garfield Park

100 N. Central Park

9/22/17 – Community Stakeholders United for Peace

Clark Park, 4615 W. Jackson

9/29/17 – Saving Our Children and Our Community Day

Genevieve Melody School, 3937 W. Wilcox

10/9/17 – Campaign to Reduce Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence

4301 W. Washington

11/13/17 – Love in the Hood Night

4301 W. Washington

12/11/17 – Community Toy Giveaway for Peace

4301 W. Washington

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