Anthony Clark, an Oak Park teacher and candidate for U.S. Congress (7th District), spoke briefly during Veteran’s Day last week about his family’s deep history in the armed services. 


“My grandfather (dad’s side), Leonard H. Clark, served in World War II in the Navy. My grandfather, Wiley H. Samuels, Sr., served in World War II in the Army. My father, Ronald Clark, Sr., served in Vietnam, 1st Cavalry Division. My brother, Ronald Clark, Jr., who is 50 years old, served in the United States Air Force, and myself, Anthony V. Clark, served in the United States Air Force. We believe, but can’t confirm, that my great-grandfather served in World War I. 

All of us were active duty and all took pride in serving. It was a tradition passed down even though the country didn’t always fight for us or appreciate our sacrifice. 

My father tells me a story of how he was on leave in uniform in New York City and very prideful. He was in a car with his uniform on and when it stopped, someone yelled, ‘You are still a Nigger.'”

— Michael Romain