It took almost a month and a half, but the question of just which West Side aldermanic candidates will be on the ballot this aldermanic election has finally been settled. 

On Jan. 25, the Chicago Board of Elections made the final rulings on the few challenges that remained up to that point. While the field has narrowed as candidates either got removed from the ballot or withdrew their candidacies, this year won’t be a repeat of 2015, when all candidates challenging incumbent Ald. Jason Ervin (28th) were removed from the ballot. 

Ervin is facing with three official challengers — Miguel Bautista, Jasmine Jackson and Beverly Miles. Justina Winfrey, who withdrew earlier in the race, is mounting a write-in campaign. 

The three incumbents in the 24th, 29th and 37th Wards will each face two challengers. Ithe 29th, Ald. Chris Taliaferro will face challengers Dwayne Truss and Zerlina Smith. In the 37th Ward, Ald. Emma Mitts will face challengers Deondre Rutues and Tara Stamps. And in the 24th Ward, Ald. Michael Scott will face challengers Toriana Sanzone and Creative Scott. 


Austin Weekly News and City Bureau to host election forum

Austin Weekly News has teamed up with City Bureau, the South Side-based journalism lab, to produce exclusive election coverage that focuses on the people of Austin. A team of reporters conducted interviews with more than 30 Austin residents from a range of backgrounds in order to learn what needs, questions and concerns average people want politicians to talk about this election season. 

We then took those needs, concerns and questions to the candidates — including as many aldermanic candidates who would sit for interviews and some of the top mayoral candidate. The result is a special election issue we’ll release on Feb. 6. 

And on Feb. 7, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Old YMCA, 501 N. Central Ave., we’re inviting all community members to a Public Newsroom to learn about our work. Feel free to bring your ideas and a guest.



Igor Studenkov is a winner of multiple Illinois Press Association awards for local government and business reporting. He has been contributing to Austin Weekly News since 2015. His work has also appeared...