In the weeks and months before the Feb. 26 election, City Bureau, the South Side-based journalism lab, deployed a three-person team of reporters to interview more than 30 Austin residents about the issues that matter most to them.  

The journalists then posed those residents’ issues to at least six front-running mayoral candidates, and as many aldermanic candidates in the 28th, 29th and 37th Wards, who would take them on. 

The result is this special election issue that Austin Weekly News is proud to publish, in partnership with City Bureau. This issue is designed to be a free, substantive guide to the upcoming aldermanic and mayoral elections for our thousands of West Side readers. 

Inside, the reader will find an article in one of six issue categories that is based on resident interviews. Those categories include: schools, crime/policing, black-owned businesses, youth programming, aldermanic accessibility/trust and income/jobs. Below each story, you’ll find proposals, promises and/or statements regarding each category from aldermanic and mayoral candidates 

The reader will also find a guide featuring basic voter fundamentals, such as information on early voting, voting by mail and voter registration. 

We hope this is a roadmap that will ultimately leave residents more informed and that much more committed not only to vote, but to take up the responsibilities of a public function that’s even more important than voting — that of being an engaged and empowered citizen. 

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Reporters: Aaron Allen, Annie Nguyen, Michael Romain

Editor: Bettina Chang

Art: Luis Colindres

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