(Alex Rogals/Staff Photgrapher)

Grocery shopping has long been a necessity for people nationwide and globally. Though it may look different today, the trading of goods and resources is one of humanity’s most ancient activities. 

Today, the personable interaction that occurs between a buyer and seller is most apparent at local farmers markets. Farmers markets offer one the opportunity to communicate and connect with the people behind the product. If this is an aspect of shopping that interests you, here are some more benefits of shopping at farmer’s markets.

Support small/local businesses

Most if not all of the vendors at farmers markets are local, small businesses. These businesses rely on their community’s support and engagement for success as they compete against large chains. So, spending your dollar with a small business goes a long way, especially since they will be there to thank you for your contribution.

Environmentally friendly

Farmers markets lead to fewer carbon dioxide emissions. Most of the vendors are farmers and small businesses who traveled short distances, as they are from the community or surrounding neighborhoods and cities.

Get some fresh air

As Covid-19 has shifted our reality, most of us aren’t getting out like we use to. Farmers markets offer you and your family the opportunity to spend a bit more time in the beautiful spring and summer weather, as opposed to indoor shopping.

Interact with the community

Along with talking with vendors about their product, locals from your community and surrounding area will be there as well. Have a good time and interact with your neighbors while maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mask.

If you are in Austin or its surrounding communities and would like to shop at a farmers market, you can do so! 

From June 10 through Sept. 30, Austin will have its own weekly farmers market at Austin Town Hall, 5610 W. Lake Street. Come and see Forty Acres Fresh Market, along with other local vendors and farmers every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., for an abundance of produce, meat, eggs, baked goods, prepared meals and more.

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