Employees of the newly remodel ALDI in Austin inside of the store last week. (Photo by AustinTalks)

Austin’s ALDI grocery store cut the ribbon for their grand reopening on July 8.

The recently remodeled store, located at 5629 W. Fillmore St., closed for renovations June 2 as part of an ongoing nationwide update and expansion to existing ALDI grocery stores, the company said in a press release.

The store features a full selection of fresh produce, meats, dairy and dry goods, as well as household products and other items.

ALDI represents one of a small but growing number of stores and markets where Austin residents can shop for their groceries, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

They are one of only two major chain stores providing groceries in Austin; the other is a Walmart located at 4650 W. North Ave., which was also recently remodeled and reopened last November.

Before the pandemic, Austin had three grocery stores. The Save A Lot shutdown in mid-December, as reported by ABC7.

(Photo by AustinTalks)

At the time, Rep. La Shawn Ford said Save A Lot’s decision would be devastating for residents who rely on walking or public transit to get their groceries, ABC7 reported.

Azariah Baker works for By the Hand Club for Kids’ Austin Harvest. The youth-led fresh market at 423. N Laramie is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

As previously reported by AustinTalks, she chose to be part of Austin Harvest, in part, because kids and teens didn’t realize Austin is a food desert.

“We thought of the food being out of reach as a typical thing,” Baker said.

Rodney Williams, director of entrepreneurship and economic development at By The Hand Club, said a lack of access to fresh food doesn’t just mean physical accessibility, it also includes financial accessibility.

ALDI is seeking to address both concerns, ALDI Valparaiso Division Vice President Heather McCarthy said.

“We believe eating and living well is a right, not a privilege, and our prices back that up,” she said.

“We have fresh produce delivered to every store, including our remodeled Austin store daily, and we are passionate about providing the freshest produce at unbelievably low prices. Everything we do is to provide shoppers with the high-quality, fresh foods they want at prices they love.”

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