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This week in our Spring Fundraising Campaign to raise $50,000 to support GCM’s local community journalism we spotlight our long relationships with the communities we serve. Which is to say, we’ve been around the block a few times and we’re proud of it.

The professional reporting and coverage that you rely on week in and week out in Austin Weekly News is grounded in our strong presence in Austin and Garfield Park since 1986. Through the years, our team of engaged journalists has kept you abreast of what is happening in our communities, making sure you have the information you need to act and shape the West Side for the better. From Delores McCain and Terry Dean through Michael Romain, Igor Studenkov and Samantha Callender, we have welcomed fresh reporters to your beat, always maintaining the high standards of journalism you expect from Austin Weekly News.

Since 2005 over 25% of US newspapers and 50% of US journalist jobs have disappeared. Many communities, urban neighborhoods, suburbs, exurbs and beyond, have no source of local community news reporting on their schools, businesses, parks and government actions.

Austin Weekly News has not been immune from the relentless economic forces driving this decline. To continue to serve the West Side’s needs for quality information, Austin Weekly became part of the nonprofit Growing Community Media in 2019, allowing tax deductible donations from readers like to you sustain this news you use.

And this coverage NEEDS your support. We rely on YOUR donations to generate over 25% of our operating budget, to allow us the continued privilege of reporting quality news stories that animate our community.

Donate today to help ensure that Austin Weekly News coverage will continue for another 36 years and beyond.

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Michael Romain and the Austin Weekly News Team