Folks –
We’re coming round to the final week of our fiscal year. Trying to close this year out strong so we can launch the new year with a head of steam.

But we still have a ways to go and I’m asking you directly to join us right now as a donor to Growing Community Media.

Happy to say we have a final $10,000 match from a local family. That means your donation gets doubled between now and June 30. Double is good and it will take us a long way toward our goal.

You jump in right now and help us hit $20,000. What does that translate to in our newsroom? That pays for 104 stories for one of our five flags. Stories out of classrooms, coverage of local government meetings, profiles of neighbors, high school sports, a restaurant opening.

The stuff of local news. Stories only we tell. So you’ve thought about it haven’t you? You know someone is paying for our newsroom. This is the moment to join in. Be part of this.

We’ve got a deadline. We’ve got a match. Now we need you.

Dan Haley
Editor and Publisher
Growing Community Media