Gabe Ford, right, trains in the ring with gym owner Nate Jones on Friday, July 8, at the Austin Boxing Club on Chicago's West Side. | Alex Rogals

Anthony Clark, Gabe Ford and Zachary Harris have recently teamed up to launch a $20,000 fundraising campaign for the Austin Boxing Club (ABC) and two other local nonprofits, the Austin Community Family Center and Root 2 Fruit Youth Foundation. The fundraiser, said Clark, aims to bring awareness to the needs of the Austin neighborhood and ABC’s mission to end gun violence.

The three have taken on a challenge and plan to train and compete in Chicago’s 2023 Golden Gloves tournament. The campaign runs until the $20,000 goal has been reached or until the time of the tournament.

For more information on the fundraiser, head over to and search for “Tony’s Boxing Challenge for Youth Opportunity.”

In addition, Harris, a personal trainer, has launched his own GoFundMe to help raise awareness for his newly opened gym, which he intends to make accessible to Chicago youth and families. For more information, visit the GoFundMe site and put “Raise Money for Low-Income Family Kids Program” in the search box.