Illinois residents need a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification card to buy and own a gun. A FOID cardholder can have a gun at their home, but they aren’t able to carry their gun on their person unless it is unloaded and kept in an enclosed case or a gun box.

Any person convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors, like domestic battery, is ineligible for a FOID card. There are also restrictions on individuals with certain mental health needs.

To legally carry a gun, a person needs to get a concealed carry license. A concealed carry license allows a person to carry a loaded handgun in public.

The process for getting a concealed carry license is much stricter, and it requires a person to already have a FOID card. Any violent misdemeanor makes a person ineligible for a concealed carry license. Drug convictions, driving under the influence and alcohol abuse can also make a person ineligible.

A concealed carry license also requires 16 hours of concealed carry gun training.