Mimi Hunley (Shanel Romain/Staff)

We ran into Austin resident Mimi Hunley at Congressman Danny K. Davis’ 43rd Annual Back to School Parade on Aug. 20. Hunley spoke briefly about her time on the West Side and her family.  

On coming to Austin

I’m from the north side of Chicago and we have been here 33-plus years, right here in this building.

What made us move here was my mom had to move out of her place due to her rent being doubled. I believe the gentrification was happening then, so we decided to go in together and buy this building so that she would have a place to live.

The area has changed over the years, but I still consider this a good area. I don’t plan on moving but what we are going to do is renovate our building. As a matter of fact, we’re happy here.

My children grew up here and both them are young professionals. My daughter has lived in three different states and has moved back to Chicago. She does not want to move to the suburbs. She wants to buy herself a place and renovate it from the ground up.

She’s actually in the Insurance business and loves the West Side. She knows this is where she was raised, and she wants to be able to contribute to the Austin or Lawndale community by purchasing property and renovating it. 

My son is also doing quite well for himself. He has a bachelor’s degree in geography and works for the CHA.

On watching the parade

We love coming out here. My heart is broken because [my mother] can’t make it down the stairs and the parade is one of her joys. Hopefully, she’s sitting in the window watching it, even though her vision is not that well. She’s 96 years old.

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