I spoke with Ruby Allen while covering Congressman Danny K. Davis’ 43rd Annual Back-to-School Picnic, Parade and Caravan. She opened up about her pride for the West Side and why she feels rooted to this place. 

I’ve been living on the West Side my whole life. Thirty-two years. I’m pretty proud of living here. The West Side has gone through a lot, but I feel like me and my family are rooted here and we are staying on the West Side, especially now that we’re buying and I’m starting my own family. We love watching the community grow.

On social and physical bonds (and bridges) 

This parade has made some pretty big memories for us. It happens every summer. 

Also, having the North Central bypass bridge here and seeing it reconstructed has been huge. I remember about 10 or 15 years ago seeing it being reconstructed. That was major. Just seeing all the progress happening and watching the community stay together has been great. 

The West Side feels like a family. We have our neighbors from across the street, across the alley, and down the block, along with people that we see at the stores all the time. Seeing all the restaurants around here that have stuck together also makes this home.