The future of Black America in my opinion, is teetering on the edge of disaster. At one time, we were considered the largest minority group in this country. But because this country has established a culture of minority groups, Hispanics, around 2003, became the largest minority group and their numbers currently are triple that of Black people.

The history of discrimination against Black people does not have to be pointed out. Following the Civil War, which gave us our freedom, we had an additional period of 100 years of Jim Crow laws that held back our progress tremendously. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was meant to address the issue. But just because that act was put in place, it did not automatically mean that people abided by it. One part of the Civil Rights Act is Affirmative Action.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Affirmative action is also a remedy, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, where a court finds that an employer has intentionally engaged in discriminatory practices.”

For many years now, when it came to being a minority, the term “Blacks and Hispanics” flowed from the mouths of predominantly Black people, and especially Black politicians. My question is this: Since the majority of Hispanics in this country were not historically discriminated against by this country, why are they being included in any programs that are designed to rectify the problem?

From housing set-asides to employment set-asides, we cannot have millions and millions of people come into this country, a lot of them here illegally, who are then granted access to programs that were designed to address the problems suffered by minority citizens. I recently received a flyer about LIHEAP. I didn’t save it, but it said people who were here without documentation could apply for help. Why are citizens who are taxed to the hilt being asked to help support those who are here illegally? Why is even the new Cook County guaranteed income program saying that it doesn’t care about the person’s immigration status?

The only power we as Black people currently have is our vote. And that power is diminishing daily because our voting numbers are smaller as other populations age into the right to vote. So come Nov. 8, what are you asking of all, but especially Black politicians, who want to be returned to office, be it local or in Washington? What are they doing to address our needs? What is the safety net for Black citizens as this country is allowing millions of people in who automatically fall into the minority status of Hispanic? 

As Black people, we are being wronged right before our eyes as this country attempts to help others at our expense. And the reason for “helping” is politics. It’s not about compassion but looking for people who will one day get the right to vote and thus replace Black people.

Wake up, Black America!