The Funky Chicken doesn’t respect Austin’s money

When I say The Funky Chicken, I am not talking about the dance, where you stand like a chicken, put your hand on your back and flap your arms back and forward like a chicken. I am talking about the repulsive Church’s Chicken at 431 North Austin Blvd. in Austin that has been feeding us crap for decades despite the numerous health code violations that occur there daily.

Church’s Chicken is known for its bad customer service, filth, and disrespectful demeanor toward its customers. However, in spite of bad customer service, uncleanliness, and lack of support to community causes in the Austin community, the question remains in my head, ‘Why are we supporting this type of behavior in our community?’ That goes for me as well!

Recently, I went to Church’s to order some chicken for dinner because I like their crispy chicken, nevertheless, reality kicked in and I noticed the stench as soon as I walked into the restaurant. The smell did not come from the chicken; it was from the restaurant. The floors were sticky and filthy, chairs and tables were stacked against the wall blocking the unclean bathroom, flies flying around customers annoying them and finally, employees talking instead of servicing the customers.

One time, employees were about to fight each other. Wow! Another time, a bag of raw chicken was sitting on the grimy floor just sitting there. It made my stomach turn and I walked out as people saw it as clear as day and still purchased their chicken. Even outside people were standing around asking for money. Church’s boxes and chicken bones all over the parking lot and sidewalk. Does Church’s really clean their facility inside and outside? During the winter, Church’s barely shovels the snow knowing there are seniors and children coming in to purchase chicken. That is ridiculous!

The environment Church’s Chicken created is very disrespectful to the Austin community and something needs to be done about it. Immediately! The City of Chicago needs to shut it down, while Church’s cleans up its act. It is wrong for any franchise to have so many negatives and get away with it every single time. If it was Black-owned and operated, a health inspector would come in and see the things I saw in less than two minutes and shut it down.

Shut them down now!

Now! Therefore, why not them?  If Church’s chicken were in Oak Park, will it be in the same environment? Austin, we must demand our respect regardless of whether we like the product or not. Where are the organizations that receive all this money and say that they talk on our behalf?

Church’s Chicken, what have you done in the Austin community? What community events have you sponsored in the Austin community? What church events have you assisted? That’s right, nothing! However, you make money off us and sell us food as if we eat out of the garbage.

Church’s Chicken’s dirty condition says to me that the restaurant does not give a good damn about the Black community. The franchise owner’s license should be revoked and given the opportunity to a person who lives in the Austin community who gives a damn and respects the people he serves.      

I will make a stand and will not support Church’s Chicken on Austin and Lake anymore until it cleans up its act. My wish is you all do the same because they want our money and franchises do not care how they get it. Let’s make a stand and call the Chicago Health Department at (312) 747- 9884 to demand that they revoke Church’s license to serve in our community until they clean up their act.