Luke 12:48

After wasting three hours of my life watching the Harry and Meghan reality series on Netflix, I can attest that neither of them has ever had this biblical verse hammered into their heads.

God blessed Harry with the status of being born into the Royal Family and Meghan was blessed to be allowed to join it (sixth in line for the throne at the time, Harry’s marriage had to be approved by the Queen). Neither Harry nor Meghan at the moment have any appreciation for either the Royal Family or the luxuries that they currently enjoy. It is both sad and pathetic.

To me, the worst thing one can do is to issue false claims of racism. In her Oprah interview, Meghan tried to proffer that her son wouldn’t be given a title because of his race. But the truth is that in 1917, King George V issued a law that limited who could be known as Prince or Princess. The title automatically goes to the Prince of Wales and his children since they are in direct line for the throne. Harry’s children are also eligible for the title now that Charles is King.

I know many want to point out the recent story about the woman who was asked, during an event at the palace, where she was from. That “Ah-ha” moment of alleged racism has been tempered with photographs of the woman enjoying herself at the palace and even a video has emerged of her talking to Queen Camilla. So her post, claiming that all she could do was stand at the edge of the room and watch because she was so traumatized, is in question.

My fascination with Harry and Meghan is watching them self-destructing in real-time. Their delusions of grandeur have not been forthcoming. They are not American royalty. They’re pretty much boring, and their whiny temper tantrums are tiresome. And it is obvious that both of them have a lot of jealousy regarding William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales. From releasing the Netflix trailer about their reality show during the Wales’ American visit to Meghan’s dress looking like a sloppy copy of the one Kate wore, the whiny-2 do not give off the aura of royalty unless it’s the trailer-park kind.

If Harry and Meghan want to dish out claims of racism, they should be required to name names. Since Harry is not an American citizen, Parliament should seek his extradition back to England where they can question him under oath. Otherwise, Duke and Duchess need to do as they said when they left the Royal family: preserving their privacy. They need to go somewhere and sit down.

Side note: One interesting thing I noted while watching the series was all of Meghan’s female friends lauding her and yet not a single bridesmaid accompanied her at her wedding ceremony. They appear to be better friends to her than she is to them.