When you set out on a new path you need to know how to navigate it. The days in which a compass was the most efficient tool are long gone. However, you still need a mechanism that can point you in the right direction. Every pathway is not outdoors. The workplace is also a terrain that requires guidance. 

If you are looking for a compass in paperback form look no further than A Black Man’s Guide for Working in Corporate America by author Ken Woods. It is a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the workforce. It gives specific examples on problems you might encounter, and more importantly, provides suggestions and strategies on how to solve them. 

Woods encountered numerous difficulties and setbacks working in Corporate America for nearly 15 years. Because he didn’t have proper tutoring to help him, he had to learn things the hard way and adjust on the fly. 

His goal is for other professionals to not have to endure such circumstances. He wants the book to serve as a resource for those just starting out in this environment as well as workers who have substantial experience. 

In the office, soft skills (demeanor, body language, communication style, likability) are just as important, or perhaps more important, than your studied skill set. If you are not aware of how they impact you, you could make crucial errors. Stress at work can affect other aspects of your life as well, and even lead to depression. That is why it essential to know how to carve out a path of peace and success. 

Woods is a former Oak Park resident and is committed to helping people understand the true nature of Corporate America and eliminate any naiveté.

 A Black Man’s Guide for Working in Corporate America is available on Amazon now. The link is listed below.