Mahogany Martin

“It effected my summer because, usually, you could just do what you wanted to and go outside. But this summer, you had to plan it because you didn’t know if it was going to be hot enough. I didn’t even get to go swimming because it was too cold.”

Michelle Norvell

 “I mean; I really didn’t get to get in the water too much. I didn’t get to go to the pool. I did Bar-B-Cue for Labor Day, but that was the end of the summer.”

Kayla Anderson

“It was great because I loved the cold weather. I actually prefer the cold weather. I just went to kickbacks, parties, and just stayed in the house.”

Edith Watson

“To me, it was more enjoyable. I got out more because the weather was cooler, so I liked it. I went to the Jazz Festival, Ravinia, and Movies in the Park. I was able to do a lot more without sweating.”

Antonio Watson

“I think that it really enhanced my summer due to the different activities that I participated in. I did a lot of going out and movie-going with my mother.  We went to see West Side Story with the Chicago Symphony. It wasn’t hot. There was no sweating at all; it was really great.” 

Alex Watson

“The cold weather really did not effect my summer because I felt like every day was humid for me. I got to do a lot of activities and go outside in the summer.  I got to play basketball outside and workout close to the beach and stuff. I went downtown. I like that kind of weather — humid and kind of dry, and kind of in between.”

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