To aid the relief effort of the devastating Dec. 26 tsunami in South Asia, three teachers along with students from Herbert Spencer School (214 S. Lavergne Ave.) sent donated school supplies to the children of East India.

There has been an enormous outpouring of donations to the ravaged area; however Cynthia Townsend and the teachers felt that they wanted to do something that specifically involved the children.

“When the teachers and I discussed it, we thought it would be a wonderful gesture to send supplies to the children of India, with donations from students from the school,” said Townsend a teacher at Spencer School. “I thought it would be something special to have the children reach out to the survivors of the disaster.”

Townsend and teachers Toya Proctor and Traci Cunningham sent flyers to the students’ homes and spoke with the children independently about the effort. The result was a tremendous outpouring of support from parents and students.
Children, grades K-2, donated pencils and erasers; students, grades 3-5, donated markers & crayons; and grades 6-8 donated folders and notebooks. The supplies were shipped to India last Friday.

Townsend also has plans to travel to India from June 22 until July 5, to work on a child development outreach project.
?”Robert Felton