Aliyahoo B. Yisrael
“I expect more gridlock simply because, despite whatever reasons, the different parties have not learned to work together. Until they do, it’s going to continue no matter who has the minority or majority.”

Jacqueline Reed
President/CEO West side Health Authority
“Well, for one thing we still have the same president in the White House. I think we’re going to have more gridlock because if you look at the fact that the war in Iraq is still going on, and there is no easy solution to this war. I think that the Democrats will continue to blame the Republicans for the war, and I think that the Republicans are going to blame the Democrats and look for a way to get back even with the Democrats for, hopefully, losing the election. So I think that we will still have gridlock. The country is so polarized in so many different areas. Unfortunately, it seems to me as if this president is not going to be able to bring the people together because there is a lot of anti-Bush, and a lot of anti-America, going on in the world.”

Shanette Gaston
“I’m choosing my votes based on my beliefs, and, what those people who I vote for believe in – not just Democrat or Republican. I’m prayerful in that who I choose will be a good leader for our country, and hope we can all work together.”

Dorothy Henderson
“I hope and pray that there will be more cooperation with the Republicans and the Democrats, because what I have seen since Bush has been in office is everything going further and further apart instead of together. God didn’t want us to be apart. He wanted us to be a nation of people of all colors and creed. But Bush has told untruths to God’s people, and he’s got everything up for grabs. Instead of doing right, he is doing wrong. He is not telling the truth. If you tell the truth about the world and what is going on, it will set you free. But he is constantly, constantly, lying to the people, and why don’t people see through his lies? Everything is going backwards instead of forward. We should be the greatest nation in the world, and now they are talking about us because we can’t get along. And what Bush did with the schools – with that No Child Left Behind – is another form of racism. And people, I’m talking about my people, better wake up and smell the roses and take back control of your own kids.”

Darlynn Gaston
“I really don’t expect more cooperation. We would like to see it, but we won’t because of the division between Republicans and Democrats and the different parties. The Democrats are really kind of divided too, and so, I don’t think after this election that it will really make a difference. Because there is so much division within the party, in the community, with us, with each other, I really don’t think that it will be too much difference. I would hope to see it, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Dhamara Shauri
“No, I don’t think there will ever be cooperation between the Republicans and Democrats because I think they do what they do so it can cause trouble and keep us from coming together. They pit us against each other – one says it’s hot, one says it’s cold, even though they might agree it’s hot. That is just the nature of American politics.”